Used to manipulate the controls of a vessel. This includes adjusting the throttle, enabling/disabling systems such as SAS and RCS, or altering the direction in which the vessel is pointing. Obtained by calling krpc_SpaceCenter_Vessel_Control().


Control inputs (such as pitch, yaw and roll) are zeroed when all clients that have set one or more of these inputs are no longer connected.

krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Source(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_ControlSource_t * result)

The source of the vessels control, for example by a kerbal or a probe core.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_State(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_ControlState_t * result)

The control state of the vessel.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SAS(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_SAS(bool value)

The state of SAS.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SASMode(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_SASMode_t * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_SASMode(krpc_SpaceCenter_SASMode_t value)

The current krpc_SpaceCenter_SASMode_t. These modes are equivalent to the mode buttons to the left of the navball that appear when SAS is enabled.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SpeedMode(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_SpeedMode_t * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_SpeedMode(krpc_SpaceCenter_SpeedMode_t value)

The current krpc_SpaceCenter_SpeedMode_t of the navball. This is the mode displayed next to the speed at the top of the navball.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_RCS(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_RCS(bool value)

The state of RCS.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_ReactionWheels(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_ReactionWheels(bool value)

Returns whether all reactive wheels on the vessel are active, and sets the active state of all reaction wheels. See krpc_SpaceCenter_ReactionWheel_Active().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Gear(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Gear(bool value)

The state of the landing gear/legs.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Legs(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Legs(bool value)

Returns whether all landing legs on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all landing legs. Does not include wheels (for example landing gear). See krpc_SpaceCenter_Leg_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Wheels(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Wheels(bool value)

Returns whether all wheels on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all wheels. Does not include landing legs. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Wheel_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Lights(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Lights(bool value)

The state of the lights.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Brakes(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Brakes(bool value)

The state of the wheel brakes.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Antennas(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Antennas(bool value)

Returns whether all antennas on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all antennas. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Antenna_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_CargoBays(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_CargoBays(bool value)

Returns whether any of the cargo bays on the vessel are open, and sets the open state of all cargo bays. See krpc_SpaceCenter_CargoBay_Open().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Intakes(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Intakes(bool value)

Returns whether all of the air intakes on the vessel are open, and sets the open state of all air intakes. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Intake_Open().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Parachutes(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Parachutes(bool value)

Returns whether all parachutes on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all parachutes. Cannot be set to false. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Parachute_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Radiators(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Radiators(bool value)

Returns whether all radiators on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all radiators. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Radiator_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_ResourceHarvesters(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_ResourceHarvesters(bool value)

Returns whether all of the resource harvesters on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all resource harvesters. See krpc_SpaceCenter_ResourceHarvester_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_ResourceHarvestersActive(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_ResourceHarvestersActive(bool value)

Returns whether any of the resource harvesters on the vessel are active, and sets the active state of all resource harvesters. See krpc_SpaceCenter_ResourceHarvester_Active().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SolarPanels(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_SolarPanels(bool value)

Returns whether all solar panels on the vessel are deployed, and sets the deployment state of all solar panels. See krpc_SpaceCenter_SolarPanel_Deployed().

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Abort(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Abort(bool value)

The state of the abort action group.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Throttle(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Throttle(float value)

The state of the throttle. A value between 0 and 1.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_InputMode(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_ControlInputMode_t * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_InputMode(krpc_SpaceCenter_ControlInputMode_t value)

Sets the behavior of the pitch, yaw, roll and translation control inputs. When set to additive, these inputs are added to the vessels current inputs. This mode is the default. When set to override, these inputs (if non-zero) override the vessels inputs. This mode prevents keyboard control, or SAS, from interfering with the controls when they are set.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Pitch(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Pitch(float value)

The state of the pitch control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the w and s keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Yaw(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Yaw(float value)

The state of the yaw control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the a and d keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Roll(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Roll(float value)

The state of the roll control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the q and e keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Forward(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Forward(float value)

The state of the forward translational control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the h and n keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Up(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Up(float value)

The state of the up translational control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the i and k keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Right(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_Right(float value)

The state of the right translational control. A value between -1 and 1. Equivalent to the j and l keys.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_WheelThrottle(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_WheelThrottle(float value)

The state of the wheel throttle. A value between -1 and 1. A value of 1 rotates the wheels forwards, a value of -1 rotates the wheels backwards.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_WheelSteering(krpc_connection_t connection, float * result)
void krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_set_WheelSteering(float value)

The state of the wheel steering. A value between -1 and 1. A value of 1 steers to the left, and a value of -1 steers to the right.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_CurrentStage(krpc_connection_t connection, int32_t * result)

The current stage of the vessel. Corresponds to the stage number in the in-game UI.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_ActivateNextStage(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_list_object_t * result)

Activates the next stage. Equivalent to pressing the space bar in-game.

Returns:A list of vessel objects that are jettisoned from the active vessel.
Game Scenes:Flight


When called, the active vessel may change. It is therefore possible that, after calling this function, the object(s) returned by previous call(s) to krpc_SpaceCenter_ActiveVessel() no longer refer to the active vessel.

krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_GetActionGroup(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result, uint32_t group)

Returns true if the given action group is enabled.

Game Scenes:


krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SetActionGroup(krpc_connection_t connection, uint32_t group, bool state)

Sets the state of the given action group.

Game Scenes:


krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_ToggleActionGroup(krpc_connection_t connection, uint32_t group)

Toggles the state of the given action group.

Game Scenes:


krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_AddNode(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_SpaceCenter_Node_t * result, double ut, float prograde, float normal, float radial)

Creates a maneuver node at the given universal time, and returns a krpc_SpaceCenter_Node_t object that can be used to modify it. Optionally sets the magnitude of the delta-v for the maneuver node in the prograde, normal and radial directions.

  • ut – Universal time of the maneuver node.
  • prograde – Delta-v in the prograde direction.
  • normal – Delta-v in the normal direction.
  • radial – Delta-v in the radial direction.
Game Scenes:


krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Nodes(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_list_object_t * result)

Returns a list of all existing maneuver nodes, ordered by time from first to last.

Game Scenes:Flight
krpc_error_t krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_RemoveNodes(krpc_connection_t connection)

Remove all maneuver nodes.

Game Scenes:Flight

The control state of a vessel. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_State().


Full controllable.


Partially controllable.


Not controllable.


The control source of a vessel. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_Source().


Vessel is controlled by a Kerbal.


Vessel is controlled by a probe core.


Vessel is not controlled.


The behavior of the SAS auto-pilot. See krpc_SpaceCenter_AutoPilot_SASMode().


Stability assist mode. Dampen out any rotation.


Point in the burn direction of the next maneuver node.


Point in the prograde direction.


Point in the retrograde direction.


Point in the orbit normal direction.


Point in the orbit anti-normal direction.


Point in the orbit radial direction.


Point in the orbit anti-radial direction.


Point in the direction of the current target.


Point away from the current target.


The mode of the speed reported in the navball. See krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_SpeedMode().


Speed is relative to the vessel’s orbit.


Speed is relative to the surface of the body being orbited.


Speed is relative to the current target.


See krpc_SpaceCenter_Control_InputMode().


Control inputs are added to the vessels current control inputs.


Control inputs (when they are non-zero) override the vessels current control inputs.