Kerbal Alarm Clock API

Provides RPCs to interact with the Kerbal Alarm Clock mod. Provides the following classes:


The following example creates a new alarm for the active vessel. The alarm is set to trigger after 10 seconds have passed, and display a message.

using System;
using System.Net;
using KRPC.Client;
using KRPC.Client.Services.KerbalAlarmClock;
using KRPC.Client.Services.SpaceCenter;

class KerbalAlarmClockExample
    public static void Main ()
        using (var connection = new Connection (name: "Kerbal Alarm Clock Example")) {
            var kac = connection.KerbalAlarmClock ();
            var alarm = kac.CreateAlarm (
                AlarmType.Raw, "My New Alarm", connection.SpaceCenter ().UT + 10);
            alarm.Notes = "10 seconds have now passed since the alarm was created.";
            alarm.Action = AlarmAction.MessageOnly;