RemoteTech API

Provides RPCs to interact with the RemoteTech mod. Provides the following classes:


The following example sets the target of a dish on the active vessel then prints out the signal delay to the active vessel.

using System;
using KRPC.Client;
using KRPC.Client.Services.RemoteTech;
using KRPC.Client.Services.SpaceCenter;

class RemoteTechExample
    public static void Main ()
        using (var connection = new Connection ("RemoteTech Example")) {
            var sc = connection.SpaceCenter ();
            var rt = connection.RemoteTech ();
            var vessel = sc.ActiveVessel;

            // Set a dish target
            var part = vessel.Parts.WithTitle ("Reflectron KR-7") [0];
            var antenna = rt.Antenna (part);
            antenna.TargetBody = sc.Bodies ["Jool"];

            // Get info about the vessels communications
            var comms = rt.Comms (vessel);
            Console.WriteLine ("Signal delay = " + comms.SignalDelay);