InfernalRobotics API

Provides RPCs to interact with the InfernalRobotics mod. Both the original mod and Infernal Robotics Next are supported. Provides the following classes:


The following example gets the control group named “MyGroup”, prints out the names and positions of all of the servos in the group, then moves all of the servos to the right for 1 second.

using System;
using System.Net;
using System.Threading;
using KRPC.Client;
using KRPC.Client.Services.InfernalRobotics;
using KRPC.Client.Services.SpaceCenter;

class InfernalRoboticsExample
    public static void Main ()
        using (var connection = new Connection (
            name: "InfernalRobotics Example")) {
            var vessel = connection.SpaceCenter ().ActiveVessel;
            var ir = connection.InfernalRobotics ();

            var group = ir.ServoGroupWithName (vessel, "MyGroup");
            if (group == null) {
                Console.WriteLine ("Group not found");

            foreach (var servo in group.Servos)
                Console.WriteLine (servo.Name + " " + servo.Position);

            group.MoveRight ();
            Thread.Sleep (1000);
            group.Stop ();