Kerbal Alarm Clock API

Provides RPCs to interact with the Kerbal Alarm Clock mod. Provides the following classes:


The following example creates a new alarm for the active vessel. The alarm is set to trigger after 10 seconds have passed, and display a message.

#include <iostream>
#include <krpc.hpp>
#include <krpc/services/space_center.hpp>
#include <krpc/services/kerbal_alarm_clock.hpp>

using KerbalAlarmClock = krpc::services::KerbalAlarmClock;

int main() {
  krpc::Client conn = krpc::connect("Kerbal Alarm Clock Example");
  krpc::services::SpaceCenter sc(&conn);
  KerbalAlarmClock kac(&conn);

  auto alarm = kac.create_alarm(KerbalAlarmClock::AlarmType::raw,
                                "My New Alarm",

  alarm.set_notes("10 seconds have now passed since the alarm was created.");