An input field. See krpc_UI_Panel_AddInputField().

krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_RectTransform(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_UI_RectTransform_t * result)

The rect transform for the input field.

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krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_Visible(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_UI_InputField_set_Visible(bool value)

Whether the UI object is visible.

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krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_Value(krpc_connection_t connection, char * * result)
void krpc_UI_InputField_set_Value(const char * value)

The value of the input field.

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krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_Text(krpc_connection_t connection, krpc_UI_Text_t * result)

The text component of the input field.

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Use krpc_UI_InputField_Value() to get and set the value in the field. This object can be used to alter the style of the input field’s text.

krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_Changed(krpc_connection_t connection, bool * result)
void krpc_UI_InputField_set_Changed(bool value)

Whether the input field has been changed.

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This property is set to true when the user modifies the value of the input field. A client script should reset the property to false in order to detect subsequent changes.

krpc_error_t krpc_UI_InputField_Remove(krpc_connection_t connection)

Remove the UI object.

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