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Main kRPC service, used by clients to interact with basic server functionality.

static get_client_id()

Returns the identifier for the current client.

Return type:bytes
Game Scenes:All
static get_client_name()

Returns the name of the current client. This is an empty string if the client has no name.

Return type:str
Game Scenes:All

A list of RPC clients that are currently connected to the server. Each entry in the list is a clients identifier, name and address.

Attribute:Read-only, cannot be set
Return type:list(tuple(bytes, str, str))
Game Scenes:All
static get_status()

Returns some information about the server, such as the version.

Return type:krpc.schema.KRPC.Status
Game Scenes:All
static get_services()

Returns information on all services, procedures, classes, properties etc. provided by the server. Can be used by client libraries to automatically create functionality such as stubs.

Return type:krpc.schema.KRPC.Services
Game Scenes:All

Get the current game scene.

Attribute:Read-only, cannot be set
Return type:GameScene
Game Scenes:All

Whether the game is paused.

Attribute:Can be read or written
Return type:bool
Game Scenes:All
class GameScene

The game scene. See current_game_scene.


The game scene showing the Kerbal Space Center buildings.


The game scene showing a vessel in flight (or on the launchpad/runway).


The tracking station.


The Vehicle Assembly Building.


The Space Plane Hangar.

class InvalidOperationException

A method call was made to a method that is invalid given the current state of the object.

class ArgumentException

A method was invoked where at least one of the passed arguments does not meet the parameter specification of the method.

class ArgumentNullException

A null reference was passed to a method that does not accept it as a valid argument.

class ArgumentOutOfRangeException

The value of an argument is outside the allowable range of values as defined by the invoked method.